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submit an ideas to adidas

Adidas does not accept any unsolicited submissions of designs, inventions or ideas from persons external to the Adidas group.

Please do not waste your time if you are thinking to submit your ideas to Adidas group. Please co-operate them by not submitting your ideas.

Submit ideas to amazon

1. Amazon does not accept any outside idea
2. Amazon may implement similar ideas in the future without restriction or obligation

Their corporate address is 

for complete details about this visit this link --> Click Here

How to sell your ideas and make a big profit out of it

Hello friends, You must have big ideas. We all get some ideas in our lives and think that we can make some change but we are not able to do so. So we start looking for companies who can accept our ideas and we can make some big profit.

In order to make a big profit from your ideas. You ideas must follow two things.
1. It should be able to bring about a change in our society or it can be a new innovation, invention, discovery
2. Your idea must solve a existing problem of our society.

There are many ways to earn huge cash from your ideas. You can earn huge cash in two ways.
1. Instead of looking for companies to buy your ideas you can implement your ideas by your own. After implementation many people will be interested in investing money in your work and you reached your target.
2. Giving your ideas to certain companies which is very risky because many ideas got stolen. Unless you don't have patent you must not try to tell your ideas to everyone. But if you luck is good some of the companies may be interested in your ideas and may work on it and you can then cash out.

submit ideas to General Electric

General electric is an multinational American Corporation. You can Submit your ideas to GE

You can read their  Terms of Submission
Learn about how to submit your idea GE
Read about their Compensation
You can find the submission form here  . It has two option like submit your ideas for no payment or for payment. You can choose any one.

submit ideas to McDonald's


does not accept any outside idea. If you are thinking that you can sell your ideas to McDonald's then you are having a day dream. However they accept you feedback. So if you want to give them your feedback you can do so here

You can also call them or write them a letter .

You can read their terms and conditions here 
You can read their faq (must read before sending anything ) here
If you are thinking to sell your ideas to McDonald's then I think you are wasting you time. If you submit your ideas to them it will be considered as feedback and McDonald can use your idea anyway. Better read FAQ for more details.

suggest ideas to intel

We don't know if Intel accepts any outside ideas, however you can contact them directly and ask them if they accept.

If you have anything to ask them you can do by the support here

suggest ideas to IBM

If you want to suggest ideas to IBM. It is better to contact them directly before doing anything and ask them if they accept any outside ideas.

For more details click here
You can also email them for any inquiry here